memento mori jewelry

Jewelry with various inscriptions now no longer surprise anyone. Quotes from scriptures, Latin expressions, and the thoughts of great writers and philosophers are in wide demand nowadays. But what does the Memento Mori jewelry means?


From Latin, this expression is translated as "Remember death" or " Remember that you are mortal". Its roots go back to the time of the Roman Empire. There is a story about how one of the major military leaders was returning home after some important victory. A servant followed him and repeated this phrase to him. Thus, the warlord tried never to forget his place in the universe. No matter how beautiful armor he puts on, everyone is equal before death. Everyone will die sooner or later, but you need to do it with dignity, without raising yourself above other people.

The phrase Memento Mori was used by a certain number of monks. In the 17th century, there was the Order of St. Paul, also known as the Brothers of Death. They chose the phrase "Remember death" as a greeting.


Centuries passed and the phrase ceased to betray such a sacramental and literal meaning. Now jewelry with such inscription carries two main messages: nothing in this world lasts forever; everything is already predetermined by the higher powers. But still, the phrase in Latin encourages its owners to remember their place in this world and the purpose. Therefore, a third can be added to the two main meanings: "Do what you must, you have little time".

A good enough motivation for every day, isn't it? It makes you remember that you don't have as much time as you would like, and you need to act right here and now. Do not put off life on the back burner, otherwise life will send you into this "box".
memento mori jewelry