Frequently Asked Questions

What's the processing time?

Since each piece is made-to-order, we kindly ask that you allow 2-3 business days (excluding weekends) before we ship your order. Once the order is packed and ready to ship, our system will automatically send you an email with carrier and tracking number details. Please utilize this information to track the order yourself.

What's the delivery time?

We provide FREE shipping on all orders. Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 business days worldwide. Shipments and deliveries occur only on business days. Please note, depending on a country's import regulations, some international packages may be subject to duties and taxes, these charges must be paid by the recipient.

Can I include a gift message with my order?

Yes of course! You can let us know what you want to be written in the gift card at the "Add Order Note" box in shopping cart.

How will you pack my order?

We take exceptional care in packing your order. Each piece is individually placed in a wooden jewelry box, and then secured within the package to minimize movement.

What metals do you offer?

We offer silver gold-plated silver; what metal is best for you and your piece is entirely up to you.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver (hence why sterling silver is sometimes referred to as “925 silver”) and is considered a precious metal. The other 7.5% of the alloy is usually copper, which strengthens the silver without compromising its appearance.

Silver Gilt
This refers to high quality sterling silver that is plated with a layer of 18-karat gold on top.

Will sterling silver turn my skin green?

It is possible however this is very rare and is usually caused by a chemical reaction between your skin and the metal. Copper being the number one culprit as it reacts with the pH levels on your skin and causes the green color where your skin and the metal meet.

Remember: A green color does not always indicate a cheap metal; it simply indicates a chemical reaction!

Any side effect caused by the natural properties found in our jewelry is unavoidable and not valid for a refund.

Can I sleep in my jewelry?

It is always best to remove your jewelry before bed to increase its longevity and avoid breaking the piece during your sleep. That being said, it will not harm the surface of your jewelry if you sleep in it. Pieces like necklaces, bracelets or chains can snag on your nightwear or bedsheets. So, taking your fine jewelry off and wiping it to remove dirt is a great way to ensure it stays brighter for longer.

How do I clean my jewelry and how often should I clean it?

Regardless of your lifestyle and how careful you are with your jewelry, it does need to be cleaned. With some simple daily maintenance and an occasional deep clean, your piece can retain its vibrancy.

Everyday Maintenance
After each wear, gently remove oils that can transfer from your skin to your jewelry by wiping it clean with a soft cloth that we provide free with each order. If you know you’ve been sweaty that day or think the piece might have product on it (especially sunscreen!), we highly recommend giving it a quick rinse in lukewarm water and then drying it with a soft cloth. Taking your jewelry off and storing it while you sleep will also increase its longevity, as it reduces exposure to air and natural skin oils.

Deep Cleaning
If you know your piece was exposed to large amounts of sunscreen, sweat or any other harmful chemical or product, it’s best to give it a deep clean ASAP (we also recommend giving it a deep clean every dozen wears or so regardless).

Here’s the best way to deep clean your piece:

-Get a bowl of warm water and mix in a touch of mild soap
Soak your piece in the bowl for about a minute
-Scrub your jewelry with an ultra soft! toothbrush, making sure to really get into the gaps where dirt and product like to build up; avoid scrubbing movements as it could scratch.
-Rinse under lukewarm water a few times to ensure soap is absent
-Dry extremely well for storage

General warranty terms

We stand behind each of our products with 12-month Warranty and Free Ring Resizing service.

We provide 12 months warranty from the date of purchase that covers preventative maintenance such as cleaning, or buffing out minor scratches or scuffs that result from wearing your jewelry every day and manufacturer defects.
The following are examples of manufacturer defects: spring clasp breaking; chain disconnecting from the clasp/jump ring; chain breaking in the middle without force being applied to it (no stretched links). Items that qualify for the warranty will be repaired free of charge.

Our warranty doesn't cover lost items or items that were broken with force, such as accidentally pulling on the chain and breaking it. If your item doesn't qualify for the warranty, we may be able to repair it for a minor cost. 

Starting a warranty request

Send an email to with the subject "Warranty Request - Order #xxxx".

Attach clear photos of where the defect is; attach clear photos of the whole item; in the body, please include a message with the short description of how it broke.

Once we receive your email, we'll review it and get you taken care of! 

A lifetime warranty

We are happy to recreate any piece that has broken, dimmed or lost its shape even after a 12-month warranty period for a small fee.