men's pendant necklace 925 silver

The ancient tradition of men to decorate themselves with pendants dates back more than one millennium. Of course, modern men's pendants differ both in appearance and in the meaning they carry. Unlike women's jewelry, men's jewelry has a different purpose. Men choose accessories not just for decoration, but to demonstrate their strength, sense of style, self-confidence. So, men's pendants in most cases reflect the interests, hobbies and even life philosophy of their owner. Men's themes usually include gothic ornaments, skulls, predatory animals, clockwork, anchors, and the like.

Design and variety of pendants

The most common pendants for men are crosses. Even the most conservative person who does not tolerate jewelry accessories can afford to wear such an ornament. Traditional options are Catholic and Orthodox crosses. You can wear them both on a chain of the corresponding metal, and on a cord.

Separately, it is worth mentioning pendants-talismans. It can be either an accessory with a phrase that is significant for a person, or with an image. If earlier the talisman had to protect its owner in every possible way from evil forces and any adversity, now this concept is interpreted more broadly. An inspiring or vice versa, a phrase engraved on a piece of jewelry that sets you in a calm, confident mood, your own initials or the initials of a dear person - all this and anything else can perform the function of a talisman. 

Extremely popular today various pendants in the nautical as well as military theme. These include anchors, ships, steering wheels, compasses, and the like. Such pendants may or may not contain engraving or additional decor with other metals. 

How to choose men's pendants

When choosing men's pendants, you should focus not so much on fashion trends, but on your own taste, familiar style, the impression that you would like to make. We can say that men's pendants necklaces are very individual jewelry. This is not a watch that has a specific function, but an expression of one's views and interests.

If you have a hobby, then you can choose a themed accessory. For example, pendants in the shape of an anchor, a musical instrument, some kind of sports equipment, a car or a motorcycle. If you are fond of rock or grunge music, prefer an informal style of clothing, then you might like a pendant with gothic motifs. These are skulls, bones, weapons, number 13.

Pendant necklaces fit best in everyday style, but they are not combined with formal business, unless it is a cross that is hidden under clothes. They can be worn with basic T-shirts and jeans, a shirt with an unbuttoned neck. If the pendant necklace is the accent in your look, then the clothes should be in a neutral casual style. Typically, men's pendant necklaces are 55 to 60 cm long. They are worn so that the pendant is located at chest level. Multiple neck accessories can be combined and worn at the same time.